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Weather it’s styling, food or photography, if I’m creating, it’s all infused with the elements of the earth.

I started out as an organic gardener, something that naturally led me to cooking. Working as a vegetarian chef and recipe developer have been a big part of my career as well as food- styling and photography. All this through mediums like a tv-show, a blog and an app. To me, it’s always about working with nature to tell a story.

I am based in the very south of Sweden, living with my family in our Green-ish Home (which turned out to be a great Location Home). Current work include freelance styling, food & photography projects as well as consulting (more on that here). I am also building a brand launching in 2019, centered around everyday Modern Rituals™. That, and running after my littles.

If you are the curious kind, below you’ll find some recent interviews.
If you are looking for ways to collaborate, check out Work With Me or send a note to hi@wildlyh.com with your idea / question.

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Elenore Bendel Zahn


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